Prof. Michael Ferguson
Professor Emeritus (Honoraire)
University of Quebec


B.A.Sc. (Engineering Physics) (University of Toronto)
M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) (California Institute of Technology)
Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) (Stanford University)
Professor Emeritus: INRS-Telecommunications, Univ. of Quebec
In previous incarnations I have been

The Bicycle Journals

I first started long distance touring in 1985 with a ride from Strasbourg to Paris. I had just presented a paper at a conference in Strasbourg, and wanted to see things differently on the way home. This, like almost all my trips before I retired in 2001, was an attempt to make business travel more interesting. In 1990, I started to keep a journal on a small Atari Portfolio computer. I have since graduated to a larger laptop and also started to carry a camera. This is the link to my journals.. I lived in Hawaii for several years and came back four times to ride on the islands. All those journals are also in the Hawaii journals. In 2002, I was fortunate to be able to live in Switzerland for a while. There I had several bicycle trips and went skiing in places that were only a part of my imagination. This is the link to that adventure.

Rev. Henry Stewart Ferguson in China

From 1895 to 1932, my grandfather, Rev. Henry Stewart Ferguson was a missionary in China. For most of those 37 years, he was based in Cheng Yang Kwan in Anhui province. He was eventually executed by Mao's bandits, before they became the Red Army. In 1968, when I was going around the world, I wanted to visit, but that was in the midst of the Cultural Revolution.
In May 2001, I visited China and rode my bicycle to Cheng Yang Kwan, even though its name had been changed to Zheng Yuan. My guide, and historical perspective were the letters that grandfather wrote to his mother, Agnes, and sister Alice. I have collected them in Letters Home: Rev. Henry Stewart Ferguson, and family in China.
The details of my adventure in China are in China, 2001 -Shanghai, Nanjing, Cheng Yang Kwan, ... , May 7 to May 30, 2001

Professional Activities

My research interests were centred around the specification and validation of telecommunication protocols. My last major project was the prototype of a system to be used during the standardisation process to create a validation model of the standard in Promela, and to closely relate that model to the written version of the standard. The system uses ideas based on Knuth's Literate Programming, and creates hyperlinks from the model document to the actual written version of the standard. TDMA-RLP (IS 707-2) is the test system for the prototype. This system is geared to online viewing and this seminar and paper describes the experiences and problems of creating such a system.
I also have taught an intensive short course in Protocol Specification, Verification, and Design for a telecomunications supplier. This is a link to that course
On April 15, 2003 at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago Chile, and again on July 15, at Gunma University in Japan, I gave a seminar on The Telephone, The Internet, and the New Telecommunications Infrastructure, which is very biased history of telecommunications, and a prognosis for a future network architecture.
My current CV (March 2007) is available here.
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